As you can see I was not posting for long time now, because I was not feeling comfortable using this blog anymore. Finally I decided to move my blog to Blogger.

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Today’s Folksy Friday is going to show some lovely golden or goldish items from my fellow july jesters. The pictures are clickable. Have a look at their shops, there are loads of lovely items in other colours too.

1. Summer sunflower – Fine art print by Indira Albert
2. Filigree Pocketwatch Pendant by London Fogg
3. Golden Wedding Photograph Album by Dottie Designs
4. Free The Caged Bird Flower And Pearls Vintage Inspired Necklace by Miss Bohemia
5. Recycled shell beads bracelet by Damselfly Gemma
6. Speckled butterfly cameo by Kettle of Fish
7. Golden Tigers Eye Cabochon Ring in Sterling Silver by JAusten Jewellery Design
8. Silver Maple Leaf Earrings with Copper Berries by Ali Bali Jewellery
9. Opium: Vintage style Poppy Necklace by Whimsical Wren Jewellery

This week I am going to include some lovely turquoise items from my fellow july jesters.

1. Turquoise and Silver Bracelet from Maxine Veronica
2. Black Sinamay and Turquoise Silk and Crystal Mini Half Top Hat from Imogen’s Imagination
3. Turquoise Charm Bracelet by Fairly Girly
4. Turquoise Teddy Bag by Adien Crafts
5. Blue and White Rose Sun Catcher by Diomo Glass
6. Genuine Turquoise Nuggets by The Little Bead Box
7. Chunky Turquoise Mug Cosy by Lemonade and Lamingtons
8. ODDO – THE BLUES – Art Doll by Pavlova
9. Blue Baby Cube by Tracey Chorley

I would like to reintroduce my sterling silver earrings.

Some reasons why they are neccesary to your jewellery box
– They are all sparkling due to the process they were made.
– They are perfect if your ears are sensitive, as they only include sterling silver earwires.
– They are all a one off, so noone else will have the same.
– The focal beads were handcrafted by me (coloured, decorated, shaped, fired, varnished… loads of work)

The photos will lead you to Iyobo Design’s online store, if you would like to have a closer look. There are more photos and descriptions available.

Please note, there is a lot more to choose from at Sterling silver earrings at Iyobo Design.

This week I am going to feature some lovely green items from my fellow july jesters. Please click on the pictures to go to their shops, there are loads more lovely items there.

1. Peridot cluster necklace by Buttons and Beads Gifts
2. New Baby card by Accidental Vix
3. Green Leaf Polymer Clay Earrings by Carols Crafts
4. Purse by Pants and Paper
5. Little Leaf Tote Bag by Leanne Woods Designs
6. Rainbow Green Bracelet by Beadesk
7. “Circles” Cute little coin purse by Moody Cow Designs
8. Bright and bold summer bag by Lonely Hearts
9. Chilli pepper pendant by Karen’s Beads

The Simple and Beautiful collection contains some gorgeous earrings, which were handmade with a new method to keep it simple, but achieve a very unique and beautiful design. Due to the simplier method and silver or gold plated findings we were able to keep the price down.

Please have a look around and choose some for yourself and your friends too. The photos direct you to our website.

Since this is a totally new line, would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks! : )

Please note, the turquoise hearts were sold, that link may lead nowhere. : ) If you like it a lot, I could make a similar one for order. : )

The first 2 fine silver pendants are now available on my website. Please click on the images for more information, they will direct you to the listings.

Would love to hear your comments, please feel free to tell me your opinion : )

OK, I’m going to make a bold statement now. I think I have a successful shop! Actually, I have four online shops on Folksy, Etsy, Dreamaid and Zibbet. I’ve been selling for 11 months online and across the Folksy and Etsy shops I have 54 sales.

Were you expecting the number to be closer to 5,000? Or 500? What do you think it means to have a successful shop? Is it loads of sales, loads of stock, repeat customers, wholesale orders, being a household name?

I guess like most sellers when I started I was a bit naive and imagined that customers would be queueing up to buy my jewellery on a daily basis – maybe I wouldn’t be able to make things fast enough! I soon learned that making the jewellery and listing it was the relatively easy part. There were all sorts of things about promoting online that I didn’t even realise that I’d need to do – blogging, tweeting, chatting in forums, all that was new to me. Now I spend a lot of time promoting, but I’ve learned to focus on the things I enjoy. And customers still don’t come in droves. So why do I think I’m successful? Maybe I’m just mad LOL

It’s because of the best thing about online selling, something I’d never even thought of when I started my shops. It’s about the customer experience. A lot of people I’ve sold to have emailed me about the jewellery, have left me feedback in the shops, have blogged or mentioned my shop in other forums and online venues. I’ve been lucky all my feedback so far is really positive. And that’s the real joy of it for me.

Everytime I sell an item and put it in the post, there’s a bit of anxiety about whether the recipient will really like it. After all, they’ve only seen a few pictures and read my description of it, and I’m no David Bailey in the photo department! And all my designs are from my imagination and are things I’d like to wear, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world shares my taste, does it? So the relief and pleasure when you get feedback that it’s beautiful, that my mum will really love it, that it’s well made, that it’s better than the picture etc etc is really sometimes better than the sale. I don’t think people working in a bricks and mortar shop get that experience very often. So I’m happy to trade loads of customers for a few, happy buyers any day!

It’s lucky that making jewellery is my hobby and I do feel for people trying to make a living from their crafting in such tough economic times. And if a hundred people suddenly found my shop and each bought an item, I’d be overjoyed. But just at the moment, on an average of a just over one sale a week, I’m quite a happy bunny. So my advice to new shops would be, don’t be impatient, work hard and the customers will gradually come and then, well, it’ll be lovely!

You can see Blue Forest Jewellery at:

Folksy shop
Etsy shop
Dreamaid store
Zibbet store

While I’m waiting for my first sales I decided to look around at Folksy with customer eyes and realised there is a LOT I would love to buy, but simply can’t afford it at the moment…
I noticed Cheerymishmash some days ago, when she listed a lovely little girls dress, but because we prefer pink to blue, didn’t buy it (even though it’s really beautiful), and kept the shop in my mind… And on Wednesday evening I came across her newest item on Facebook, which was not listed yet and reserved it (after winning a fight, lol… Sorry, Lisa) When I first saw it, I knew it immediately that it would fit my daughter so much, even before I read the details about the size. It’s just so Efe. : )
And the best thing is that, I already received it today! Thanks so much Mandy! I wish you good luck with your business!

Beata x

My story really started about 2.5 years ago at the secondary school where I work. I work with pupils aged between 12-18 in what is called the Alternative Education Base. We are a very large school of approximately 4000 pupils and the pupils we have in ‘The Base’ are ones who, for many, many reasons, cannot be in a mainstream class. In the Base they have a bit of space, a bit of peace and quiet and are able to do their normal school work in a less hectic environment. Many of them are not with us for long, some are with us off and on for years and many come back to visit after they have left school altogether.

Anyway, part of my work there is to do projects with the pupils and one idea I had for this was to make jewellery with them and sell it to raise funds. Firstly however, I had to learn to make jewellery : ). This I duly did and proudly brought my spoils into school to show them off. I was more than a little amazed that some members of staff wanted to buy them from me, and then they wanted me to do jewellery parties. Beadybird was born!

Fast forward a year or so and I had begun a love affair with gemstones and around the same time was off work for approximately 4 months after an operation. This gave me more time to concentrate on my jewellery and I realised I was having much more fun! Consequently, I gave up one full day a week at school and now spend that day solely on jewellery. I sell in two shops in Edinburgh, I have two Etsy shops The Silver Starling, I do regular Craft Fairs (which I LOVE!) and this year I’m organising the classes for the second Edinburgh Bead Fair which will be held on 26 September Edinburgh Bead Fair

My longterm goal is to be able to give up another day at school next year. In the past 2.5 years I’ve completely turned what I thought was ‘my lot’ on it’s head and become involved in something fantastic which I had never even thought of! I’ve met so many lovely, talented people via my jewellery business and even now, every single sale is a little thrill and a personal achievement which gives me the enthusiasm to get into my workshop with my lovely beads. Long may it continue!

Avril Scott
The Silver Starling
Beadybird – Handmade gemstone jewellery

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